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October 9th, 2013, 10:31
Well, I am speaking for myself of course, and am a definite newbie here (~30 hours in), but I don't want or need more Lore, story or exposition for the kind of game that Dark souls is.

What they are doing is using the true and tried device (as pointed out by the paragraph above, gushing hyperbole aside) in feeding you little snippets of lore in a casual/dry/almost offhand way, creating the illusion of history and giving just enough substance to the virtual playground they created for you (And what a playground that is), by letting your imagination fill in the bits. The atmosphere and excellent and distinctive level design carries the game after that quite nicely and matches the finely tuned combat/exploration gameplay.

It is an experience pared down to its bare/visceral essentials, atmosphere (which they are making the necessary improvements to in #2 it seems, good as it already is) and action.

If you want something with more RPG and story substance even the much maligned Bethesda has something (much) more suited to your desires

P.S hey was there a Miyazaki involved in this game? must be something to that name and impressive world building
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