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October 9th, 2013, 10:52
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
While I can't be certain, I think it's down to how much your imagination works for you in games like this. Some people seem able to create sufficient "lore" just by imagining it's there - and that probably speaks to how powerful the atmosphere must be.
Exactly. Although not in the sense of starting to imagining thing that noone told you but getting a feeling of history and space the feeds and is fed by the atmosphere (thats probably what you meant, just expanding on it).

Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
That said, I was tired of the bleak and sparse environments after playing Demon's Souls - so I might have overlooked the brilliance other people are referring to.
Bleak and (relatively) sparse sounds about right you have to go for that sort of thing naturally. Its the sort of space and impressively vertical scope that tingles my imagination along with all the intricate ways that the areas connect to each other and they fill a seemingly so small space with such a significant amount or carefully designed nooks and crannies (filled with distinct and very well designed monsters). This feels positively Gormenghast type Gothic most often than not. Huge fan

That said, I have not started to get really impressed (I was from the beginning but I fell in love around hour 15 or so I guess) until visiting 3-4 distinct areas and seen how they all tie together (How many have you seen btw). Haven't seen something like that since Jharkendar in NOTR ,another very impressively vertically designed world with an amazing set of distinct but very well woven together great areas. I'd say Dark souls is even a bit more deviously intricate although definitely much less colorful and detailed…

I'd never contest that the game is barebones after all like I was saying
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