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October 9th, 2013, 12:24
Originally Posted by JonNik View Post
No, I think even this early on you are definitely right: this is not a Diablo like level of variety although it sounds a bit more that Demon Souls.

I personally am a Fan of "few things making a big difference" as you put it. I'd say on that scale, Dark Souls seems be sitting somewhere in the middle between Gothic 2 and Diablo. Still guessing at this point though
Well, I prefer lots of things making a difference both small and large

I don't like a lot of things not really mattering much at all - that's even worse.

But the reason I prefer "lots of things" is that I don't enjoy "getting" a system fully. I love the sense of mystery when it comes to mechanics and builds. I don't like feeling I understand what's ideal and optimal - because then the journey is almost over before it starts - if you take my meaning.

This is probably why 3.0 and 3.5 D&D remain my favorite RPG systems - because you can always come up with something completely new and exciting to try out.

The cool thing about a proper Diablo game, is that you can complete the game over and over - and yet still keep discovering entirely new kinds of loot - opening up very different builds.

I understand that Demon's Souls and Dark Souls both have the same intricate character system - and I'm sure there are tons of "builds". But when we're just talking about larger health/magic/strength/whatever pools - the builds don't seem to set themselves apart as much as a, say, Dual Wielding/Frenzy build versus a Whirlwind build - each with an entire subset of passives that can change everything up.

Maybe I'm wrong, though, and I've missed some of the finer nuances of the DS system. It just seems to me that no matter what "class" you go for, you're still doing the same things as any other class. Well, except you'll be casting more spells as one class, and fewer spells as another - but the spells remain the same.

You know?




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