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October 9th, 2013, 13:06
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No I think it is clear one of the main design goals was indeed to have a completely open character system. So the only thing limiting you is how much you want or not want to grind and some finite resources (i.e unique souls etc.). Its entirely possible to become a master of all Disciplines in time and that is one of the problems of always respawning/grinding designs couple with a character system like this. In the end it comes down to the player and that can be both a good and a bad thing.

I clearly prefer designs providing you with some exclusivity throughout the character progression (not to mention actual content). I don't really hold most of the basic design decisions on the DS system to any higher regard than the early days (when I was bitching about them ) just because I am now gushing about its level design. The system is entertaining and engaging enough to me and ties very well to the combat so I am not complaining too much either now though.

That said I am not a particular fan of the Diablo approach either though. I never liked skilltrees that much and while I understand they (when made right) allow for some distinct character builds they always felt a bit contrived/gamey and limiting. I prefer complex stat and skill/proficiency/talent based systems that don't limit you on a prerequisite based path. The exclusivity of a character build I expect to come from proper game balance (don't let me grind infinitely or give me enough XP to max everything) and story/exploration based choices. In the end I appreciate letitng me at least some degree of mixing and matching and fooling around while at some point forcing me to make a decision.

(Love 3.0 but I haven't really played 3.5 to appreciate the difference btw.)
3.0 and 3.5 are pretty much functionally identical

Well, I can't say which system I prefer for ALL games. Some games are more about presenting a realistic and immersive simulation of a world - and then things can get a bit too gamey if care is not taken to present mechanics in a plausible way.

But I consider Demon's Souls to be pretty much Diablo 1 from a different perspective. They're both hub-based action RPGs focusing on combat and loot. They're both set in very Gothic and oppressive environments and they're both about learning learning the patterns of a variety of enemy types. They both have similar waypoint and respawn systems. They both have "hidden" NPCs to discover on your path with potentially unique rewards if you complete quests. They both have similar spell systems - where all spells are available to all classes. They both have scrolls that work in a similar way. They're both extremely strict when it comes to player deaths.

While I'm sure some fans of the franchise that are not into Diablo will try to deny the significance of these similarities - but I'll eat several hats if Diablo wasn't a main source of inspiration.

I will concede that Demon's Souls is more about the skill of the player - and Diablo is more about the strategy behind the build of the character. That's really the most significant difference to me, except for Diablo having a less elusive story presentation - and obviously the impact of having a third person 3D perspective in Demon's Souls.
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