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October 9th, 2013, 13:24
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Hours eh?

Very different experience indeed.

It might not have literally been "every few minutes" that I was upgrading, but I certainly never had one weapon for hours.
It's not like I've been timing it - but yeah, some weapons last for hours once you get past the initial stages. It's all down to luck, though, and sometimes you want to try something new and you'll naturally switch up more.

I always play a Sniper dude - so I tend to focus on them, and I tend to get attached once I find a really sweet weapon. This means that other sniper rifles might be better if you adjust to a new firing rate, clip size, scope or whatever else might be different. It's not a game I've been obsessively powergaming in - so I didn't really go OCD with the system.

But ok, if we're talking 30-60 minutes - that might be a reasonable representation of much of the game - especially if you use all weapon types.

That's not really super frequent in a game that lasts 20-50 hours, though.

Not to me, anyway.




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