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October 9th, 2013, 14:01
Now I hate crap DLCs and had my share of them, but…

Just to set this straight:

- 80% of their DLC is cosmetic (skins and heads), so you really don't need those.

- The four major DLCs (Pirate, TORGUE, Hunt, Tina's) are 10 euro each, 30 euro bought together, that is 4 for the price of 3. It has been like this ever since you could preorder them. Put together, those 4 are actually longer than vanilla BL2, and altough the content is little less in quality compared to the main game, altogether it's still high, and certainly much more than most full AAA games these days. Consider them like, say, 2 real Expansion packs.

- The Vault hunter upgrade packs keep their original ideas. The first one was free, as promised, to people who owned the game. The second one, you had to buy. The same logic is followed here. However, since the second one is something that about 5% of the players see (and probably about 10% buys) in game, being a fourth playthrough practically, I don't think it's a necessity. Most players don't make it into True Vault hunter mode, it serves only a niché.

- The upcoming DLCs are the "headhunter packs" that are basically 1 area each with 1 or 2 repeatable quest with some random rewards and arena-like playstyle. They are made for max level, 71. That means, again, most people never will see them, no need to buy them unless you hit max level. They don't give much story, or any, at all. They exist to merely give additional content to players who can't get enough and want to keep on playing at max level. Like adding raid bosses and instances to MMOs.

So let me turn the reasoning about and say that the quality and quantity of BL2 DLC is - IMHO - quite unprecedented. Gearbox is trying to please most demands and has successfully done so. Most of the things are completely optional, but are there. They have given content to players for a year now, and BL2 in its entirety is a vast, vast game, with so much to do. But it's totally modular. Wanna enjoy a whacky sci-fi shooter with RPG elements and awesome coop? Play vanilla. Wanna play more? I recommend the content DLCs. And if you are as crazy about the game as some people, there's more content to sink your teeth in. I see no problems with it until quality is this good.

This GOTY edition is a great way to buy a huge chunk of the content out there (the important part, I say) for a MUCH better price. If I hadn't bought most of the stuff already, this'd be a great deal.

Edit: I also see no reason to feel grumpy about these, because Gearbox has communicated the DLCs perfectly from the beginning. You always got exactly what they said you will, when they said you will (often earlier), and all in all you get your money's worth.
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