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October 9th, 2013, 14:19
You may buy Bioware points elsewhere (for example on go2arena), but you'll still be forced to use Origin. Prices are about the same everywehere. Also, I've posted a few times that Bioware points are never on sale. Because of that, we all plain adore EA. If they were into woodcutting, they'd charge thousands for an axe even today.

I have only From Ashes, DLC that started a scandal. It's files were initially in the game but was sold as access to it so ppl said it's just the content cut out just to fraud the audience and milk more cash from silly consumers who'd pay for anything. I won't say it's a must have DLC, but some things become clearer with it and definetly has a vibe it's not just a side story but an integral part of the game trilogy. It's worth playing.

I don't plan to buy other DLC. What's enough is enough. Those DLC of theirs are not FO:NV days of fun DLC, but an hour or two of questionable quality and ripoff price.
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