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October 9th, 2013, 14:52
It would be milking if it cost you more than your money's worth. I'm not sure you read my post.

I said - in so many words - that the quality and quantity of the major DLCs make up for a whole new game. That it's called Borderlands 3 or The Scrumptuous Adventures of Englebert Humperdinck in Groovieland is of no consequence. The only difference is that you can buy them in smaller modules. This is NOT material they cut from the original. This is what they were doing additionally for those inclined to play more.

Since I'm in game development, let me say you cannot expect a company to sell you 2 games for the price of one (even though with GOTY edition they are doing it). That is just not worth it, and like it or not, these people gotta get their salaries and dev cycles need to roll. Gearbox saw a demand for more of the game, and they decided to live up to it, sure, partly because of profits, but it's not a ripoff and all of that is strictly optional content.

Would you have preferred if they sold BL2 a year later with all the DLCs put into it but for 80 euros and full of optional content most people will never see? I don't get it.
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