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October 9th, 2013, 15:24
Yes, in a perfect world, every developer would be able to give away content for free while getting their salaries from the publishers, but that ain't the case. I don't want to idolize Gearbox, they are a company that goes for profits but gives polished games and quality content for your money (much like Blizz used to back when), and on the DLC field (which I know according to you is the anti-Christ) they are far, far from the worst.

In fact, what I'm saying is: If there is non-free DLC, let it be like BL2's.

If we are comparing it to CDPR (which I assume you are), I love them and support them for their free DLCs, and I see all the love it gets them. I would pay for those DLCs just to support them (I did, in fact, because I bought the games several times). But let's be honest, none of that free DLC is really more than a few gimmicks. Dark mode and Arena stuff is not the kind of quality content I'm talking about. Still, it's much appreciated. But I accepted I gotta pay for content they develop beyond the main game (and strictly for that, as I loathe cut content made into DLC).

As to how they do it? Well, they work for a fraction of the money Western devs do, 10-12 hours a day when crunch hits, and hope they will get a bonus when the product is successful. Then they will get fired between larger projects and go freelance. I'm not saying all this is true for CDPR (especially since they are their own studio), but most Eastern devs live in this. Also most Eastern offices of Western devs. In all that extra time they work (and don't get paid for) they make free DLCs towards the end of the dev cycle.

What I wanted to do with my initial post is to shed some light on what all that BL2 DLC entails and how it works before jumping to more conclusions. Far be it from me to change your ways, Joxer.
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