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October 9th, 2013, 15:54
Actually, I was talking about Demon's Souls mostly - which I know very well. I just said that Dark Souls SEEMED to be very much like Demon's Souls - but I'm prepared to be wrong about that.

However, I must say that your position sounds a bit over-the-top. I know for a fact that there are many players who prefer the same specific weapons - for instance - and while I'm not denying there's a depth to the combat system I never appreciated - you do sound a bit like you're overdoing the praise thing.

As for not learning patterns in Diablo - I don't know which Diablo you played. But every single enemy has a specific "tactic" that you must learn to overcome. Some spit on you from a certain distance, and you have to avoid it and get out of their acid pool. Some summon minions - and you have to kill the source before too many enemies spawn - and so on. First time you play Diablo, you need to figure out how they work - and if you play on Hell, you're going to die if you don't study and time your movements.

King's Sword of Haste is not a trivial weapon to find - and you typically have to play a LONG while before you find it.

There are several builds in Diablo that's NOT about stacking the primary stat - like the Mage build that stacks vitality. In fact, the stats are more like they are in Demon's Souls than you'd think, because Diablo uses a similar stat-based requirement system for weapons and armor. So, most builds need a specific amount of DEX or STR to wield certain weapons or be efficient when it comes to hitting stuff.

That's another way in which I think Demon's Souls was clearly inspired by Diablo.

But I'm not holding up Diablo as the holy grail of action RPGs - I'm just pointing out where Demon's Souls is similar to it.

Diablo is a very old game - and it has been surpassed in many ways since 1996.

As for the lore in Dark Souls, you seem to be describing exactly the kind of storytelling I'm not fond of. I don't like "symbolism" and a few comments on the human condition. I could come up with enough of that to fill several books. That doesn't make the lore compelling at all. Not to me, that is.

But, you're overestimating Dark Souls and underestimating Diablo - as far as I can tell.

But again, we each like different things for different reasons.




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