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October 9th, 2013, 16:43

Sorry if I "sound" enthusiastic about something I feel err.. enthusiastic about.
But try to separate facts I'm writing about the game from the intertwining commentary on my part, it's not that difficult. The praise is not the point of the post, the info on how things work are.

I was talking about Diablo 1, since you made a comparison to that. Clearly, there are monster mechanics you describe. They have attack patterns, abilities to look out for, even more so in Diablo 2. But right up until Hell I never felt they make a big difference (and less and less so with successive Diablo titles). Much of them are not very well implemented. And also by the time you hit Hell you could tell their patterns in your sleep. On Hell I recall having to pay attention, but also remember that if I utilized corners, all monsters became trivial.

I also think that since you are not so much in control of your character in Diablos (ie not to the extent of say Dark Souls), those things are less significant.

My buddies and me always had tons of King's Sword of Haste-s, and that basically made most other items obsolete. I do recall having fun with a melee wizard build once, though.

But yes, Diablo is an old game, and I don't think it's a good idea to compare it with DS in depth and complexity. But I didn't make the comparison first. I think, if anything, King's Field games inspired Dark Souls and Demon's Souls, and games before 1992. As a thematic or atmospheric inspiration for Souls games, maybe yea, Diablo could be there, since Miyazaki said he played Western fantasy RPGs back when, and had tons of inspiration from several titles. He didn't speak English, so he sorta put together the story in his head, which is something he wanted to emulate (the feeling, not the stories themselves). But on atmo level, I alwasy felt Diablo much more optimistic. In the end, good always triumphs, and demons mean little, except some targets to click on. There's a certain yankee optimism there, "let's imperialize hell!". It's a lot more of an order of heaven and hell than humans, but parts of lore are very well written I think.

As for over/underestimating, I don't think so. All Diablo games and Souls games I played a lot. I had great times with all of them (except maybe Dio 3, I had mediocre times with that one). I don't think they are of a kind, being action RPGs and all. Isometric and 3rd person are so different, with different degrees of control. Loot is very different, like I said, random generated in Diablos, fixed location (with 10% drop-based) in DS with fixed stats that can be altered vastly. I also consider the most hardcore piece, Diablo 1, as much less of a demanding experience than Dark Souls (not to mention Demon's Souls). So yea, very different, I would say.

But bottom line is, since I know all of them pretty well, I can make estimations.

The lore is much more than that, of course, I just gave a gist, very generalized. It's not a "few comments" (underestimating, maybe? ) on human nature, I assure you. I could go on for hundreds of pages, it's that comlicated. Without much written drivel, too.

But I can see how it won't appeal to everyone, no game can.


Terribly sorry, brother, I did not consider any of it a spoiler, they were so general and oversimplified, and also seen in every trailer, demo, even the game's own intro. Also, since it is Dark Souls, in the end it may be that you will come up with your own very different conclusions. But I'll be more careful next time.
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