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October 9th, 2013, 18:15
While I agree that having to use uplay sucks I can't agree on "it will keep most serious players away from this thing".
Just because you consider yourself serious and hate uplay that doesn't mean that the majority cares that much. In my circle of close acquaintances are tons of gamers I'd consider serious and I am already the exception when I don't buy games on origins. The majority of them just does not care and while I don't know the numbers I doubt that using uplay has a big impact (except if something goes wrong at release and it generates a temporary shitstorm hurting the sales - but even that's probably forgotten by most people at the next release).
Just because in lots of threads a couple of anti-drm voices pop up (also including steam) that doesn't mean the majority bothers. Personally I'd even prefer to buy a game on steam than on a DRM Free Indie website.
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