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October 9th, 2013, 22:47
Originally Posted by rjshae View Post
I'm still waiting to hear more about what type of skill system they're going to adopt. The skill system in DA:O was bland and uninspiring; the token approach in DA2 was even worse.
This is absolutely true, to say the least. People, including the folks here at The Watch, seem to love Origins, but I found character development to be quite weak. And the design of encounters was weaker still. If I saw any more Blight spring from the ground, I was going to scream. Put those two things together, and I found Origins to be average at best…and disappointing.

Edit: And I didn't bother buying DA2. Playing the demo told me all i needed to know.

Edit Redux: Sorry about the double post. Not quite sure how that happened. Stupid phone.
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