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October 10th, 2013, 01:32
Might & Magic X has another update introducing us to the mercenary class first seen in the update from yesterday.

Mercenaries hail from the Free cities. They are warriors and explorers that follow Ylath, the Dragon of Air, wandering the world in search of riches and causes worth fighting for.

Jack of all trades …

The Mercenary is a powerful fighter who specializes in being unspecialized - so whatever melee weapon you assign to them they will be able to wield it with a master's skill, together with a shield, dual wielding their favorite weapons or even using two handed models. Like the Dwarven Defender, the Mercanary can become grand master of warfare, but different than Defenders, Mercenaries will most likely focus on the offensive aspects of that skill. Being followers of Ylath, every Mercenary can develop basic powers in the Magic School of Air.

Human specialties

Humans are said to be dynamic, but short-lived compared to the other races. They have a strong connection to Air and Light.
More information.
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