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October 10th, 2013, 08:37
Those devs are hilarious.. they claim they removed free jumping so that you can't "jump around like an idiot" (which would break immersion, they say) and they claim they don't like "hot spots"; "this is not tomb raider, this is not The Last of Us, this is not an early 2000's game with cheesy pre-programmed hot spots"..

Now i read that you can only use rope arrows in, ta-daa - hot spots (and obviously jumping is also in hot spots). And oh, while you can't "jump like an idiot everywhere", it seems like you can now instead SWOOP like an idiot; "So, I hear you asking, what happens when you DO press the jump button, but there is nothing to jump on? You SWOOP! It's AWESOME"

I wouldnt even pirate this POS.
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