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October 10th, 2013, 12:55

I see, and I agree mostly, except that I believe that this package is for people who haven't bought the game at all yet. I recall the same happening for Borderlands, and how happy my friends were, because now they could buy the whole damn thing in one go, instead of fiddling with DLCs. Now if they do re-package it again, I'll be just as disgusted as you are. Now I only see it as a chance for new players to buy the most important core of the experience in one go.


Yea, I was badly generalizing. Not even important in the discussion. Still, comparing the amount of content and the quality of content of free DLCs I can think of and BL2 DLCs reveals a huge chasm between the two. I'll say it again, I don't feel entitled to content of the game someone develops AFTER release, or plans to release afterwards if the game does okay. Not unless it reeks to have been cut from the main.
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