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October 10th, 2013, 12:01
The only thing you were wrong about were factual assumptions of the system, DArt.

Otherwise I am with you all the way. Some of the gamers I know can't get into Dark Souls (though most give up around or right after the tutorial area, and tend to get scared of non-streamlined experiences in general). Sometimes people start out hating it and come to love it later on. Like I said, no game is for everyone, and this, especially, is for a very specific audience - as you say.

I trust your ability to see a vision for what it is even from a glimpse of 10 hours or so, but I would really like to come back to talk about the game with you if and when you decide to give it some more time. That would be much more fruitful I think. It is a very demanding game, and it does not open up easily.
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