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October 10th, 2013, 13:34
Originally Posted by Nameless one View Post
there is no best ending all are equal crap.
Equal, yes, but crap, no.
I've written elsewhere, they wanted to create something I've seen for the first time in Evangelion (old anime series) but they failed as it's uncompatible with the overall game style/design. In movies such quasireligious and metaphysical stuff was added to Matrix sequel, again was not compatible with the rest of the movie(s) and again was a fail.

In Evangelion the design worked because with each episode you were "trained" to expect it and by some it's a masterpiece. Me… I don't live in a town full of strangers and in some paranoic neighborhood, so that stuff couldn't amaze me much. I'd say today it was okayish.

I believe Bioware had good intentions and wanted to create something unexpected that will amaze the audience, but because of the game design the audience simply didn't want a closure in that style. Me included. Never seen so called alternate ending that came out later, but if it wasn't rewritten completely with kicking "the kid" and his philosophy out of the picture, it doesn't matter.

And I didn't play ME3 multiplayer nor will. IIRC EA CEO said everything they publish will have MP, well he can sell that MP to his mother, just not to me.
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