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October 10th, 2013, 12:52
Originally Posted by Soulbane View Post
I just described how this is as complete as it ever gets. You'll never ever need the rest.
That is apologist reasoning, and is flat-out wrong.

I accept that companies have found DLC as the means to gain extended revenue streams, just like freemium games, and it works - after all, EA is making more money giving us Real Racing 3 for free than they did selling Mass Effect 3 for $60!

BUT … compared with say Oblivion GOTY, which had *everything* to date (even horse armor), this is more like a 'Civ Gold' edition, with main game and content expansions … this one holds back content intentionally for purely financial reasons. So they are charging multiple times and STILL keeping revenue streams open.

Also, remember when GOTY actually MEANT something? Me neither, but at least you would only have 3-4 games out there putting out GOTY editions … now I have no doubt that we would get a Dungeon Lords GOTY edition! I'm surprised they didn't do that with DL XXII!
-- Mike
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