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October 10th, 2013, 14:50
I also prefer these to be called Complete Editions, but this one would not qualify as such, indeed, since it does not include all DLCs.

Look, I am not a Gearbox spokesman, and I don't mean to say that they are an especially charitable company, but why demonize them so I can't grasp. What I say I say as someone who actually played all the available content, I can say that this is nothing more than the core of the game content minus the cosmetic and very high-end DLCs. So don't tell me I'm "flat-out wrong". Have you even played the game?

And that Oblivion GOTY contained *everything* is really, really wonderful indeed. Poor customers won't be cheated out of their horse armor ever again. God bless Bethesda, champions of Housing and Hiking DLCs. I'd rather pay a few extra bucks than get free crap, thanks.

The Witchers did free DLCs very well, but they had no huge content to speak of. Still, you can't expect anyone to develop two games for the price of one. With this GOTY edition, noone is cheated, because it lists all the items it contains, it is communicated plainly and openly. Nobody ever said at Gearbox that "ok, this will contain all the DLC we put out".

I really can't wrap my mind around this negativity.

You get X products for 60 dollars that would otherwise cost more like 90. Whoever already has them will not be cheated by this, because… they already have them! Probably bought it on a sale, like some of us. They can be bought on sales later on still, I'm sure.

Whoever does not have the game now has a package that they can buy for 60% of the price of buying all its parts separately, and then, if THEY SO WISH, they can buy the rest as separate DLCs for about 15 bucks, all of which are cosmetics and a level cap raise they will probably never benefit from. Why, or how, is this milking, or misrepresenting the product, or charging multiple times? If anything, it makes the whole stuff to be bought cheaper and easier! But OMG evul Gearbox is trying to get your money!!!11!
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