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October 10th, 2013, 18:03
About the Mercenary:
The Mercenary is the first class which has a starting skill which can not be improved up to GrandMaster. The advanced Class ability seems to be pretty strong though I don't know how a crit is calculated. But I am not sure wether this mitigates the drawback of not having the weapon class GrandMastered. Overall - what is the idea behind having all weapon skills capped master? I don't see why anyone should actually bring all of them to a master level. I can't think of a single game where you play a party where I raised more than one melee skill for the character. The only exception is when you don't have to spend points to do so.

About the other classes:
For those interested, I threw all classes together in one Sheet over here.
Each Race seems to get three classes: A Melee Class, a Ranged Class and a Magical Class.
So what can we expect for the rest?
My guess is that the humans get either another ranged class. However they are in a position of already having the mercenary which might cover both roles. My guess is that they either get something really weird or something really generic.
For the elves I think it's quite obvious that they get a Class like a Bladedancer. We do not have any GrandMaster Sword and Dual Wield class yet and they would be pretty fitting to Elves.
The Dwarfs are missing a Mage class. So I guess they will get Mage which covers the Fire and Light Grandmaster spots which are still open.
And for orcs…guess it will be "just another ranged class".
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