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October 11th, 2013, 10:42
The article has it but crappy AI? Ai in games is made to flatter the ego of players. It must deliver just that challenge to keep players aroused without pushing them on the side lines. Players want to remain the central force in their gameworld but also get that feeling they deserve the position.
Once accepted, it kills so many games. For example, in a strategy game, once you've got big enough, a proper AI will provide a challenge with a DOW but the DOW is tailored in the way it can be overcome. Once known, it destroys the purpose as it is known the opposition is sized to be overcomed in a move to flatter the player's ego.
Players do not like it when the AI does not give them that special seat. Developpers have tried to integrate players in a game world through other ways but many times, players simply do not accept the ways and prefer to stick to a gameworld they are the center of.

So why crappy AI? The current standard of AI is one that makes games sell by pleasing and flatter players' ego. Is an Ai that meets its objectives, that is getting games sold to players crappy? I dont think so.

Originally Posted by Drithius View Post
The secret is to make satisfying gameplay BEFORE the game ships so that players don't bemoan any changes you would have had to later make otherwise
Satisfying for what customers? Customers come in all stripes and colours and the post access period to a game is trenchwarfare by customers who want to bend the incoming corrections to the game toward their wishes.
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