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October 11th, 2013, 10:55
Dont play the early access version of the game if you like playing games for stories.
The game comes with a start and an end as developpers are going to fill the between with gameplay (which is in a very early version, there is no game so to speak at the moment)

Narration is likely to work the same as in a GTA game. You are limited to a sector in town, the campaign is advanced through missions so is the narration of the story. Right now, the whole town is accessible to players and you have access to the narrative end of the game.

In terms of story:
Prologue: complete.
First sector of town: very advanced.
Second sector of town: incomplete.
Third sector of town: incomplete
Fourth sector of town: incomplete but tells of the end.

So, players who look for stories will get a lot of it revealed to them by playing that early access while game mechanics are waiting to be expanded or even be made.

The writing is very Rockstar, with sarcastic and colourful caracters, allusion to real world etc
For example, the Internet phenonemun that girl who loves cats so much she wants to hug them all made it in the game. She is a survivor that can be recruited.

The problem with early accesses like this one is they reveal a lot of the intents of developpers. I am not sure developpers will manage to fulfill their vision and implement all their ideas. So as you follow the game developpment, you might witness a game being stripped off over and over again.
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