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October 11th, 2013, 16:20
In fact … maybe that will perk up his voice acting, when he goes full demon?
He'd become an NPC in any TDE pen & paper group, then.

Plus, people just cannot "become demons" in TDE. The mechanics don't allow that.

Going into a pact with a demon, yes, that's possible. BUt, as soon as he "becomes fully a demon", he is simply kind of destroyed, consumed, his soul at least. And without any soul, no character can be played according to the TDE mechanics (as far as I know).

But maybe I'm missing something there, because I'm not that deep into the TDE mechanics. I only know this from discussions and from reading about other

The demon wants to get the character's soul. So, haggling for it might be well involved, if it leads into the demon getting his soul. Anything helping the demon is good - from the demon's perspective.

But apart from that - a lot of TDE is based on German fairy-tales. You'll see themes of it every now and then.

And - there indeed does exist a fairy-tale about "haggling" about one's soul ! Or maybe even several fairy-tales.

One example is the "Freischütz" : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freisch%C3%BCtz
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