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October 11th, 2013, 18:12
I played a fire tanker in city of heroes, and I'm not sure that the article on MMORPG.com really does a good job of describing the issues around that power. The main issue it had was that it did waaaay too much damage. You could kill anything just using that power, and it made all of your other powers obsolete. So they made it so that enemies would run away when you used it, but that wasn't enough. People would just freeze enemies in place, or you would catch enemies in the middle of an attack animation and they would die or take massive amounts of damage before they could get out. So finally they just had to nerf the power so that it's damage was in line with other powers.

People weren't complaining because of change in attack patterns. People were complaining because their overpowered ability got nerfed. They would come up with the most ridiculous excuses for why that particular ability should not be changed. My favorite was someone who argued that the ability was balanced, because it was so powerful it made the game boring, and that this boredom was the balancing factor. And yes, they were being completely serious.
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