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October 12th, 2013, 08:45
That they care or not isn't very important, I hope players who care/whine will answer, but don't expect that Hardcore or Old School players are the majority.

An example, how many time you change the difficulty? Hahem sorry but I answered 1-2, I know it's questionable but I have no confidence in difficulty management particularly in RPG.

EDIT: Just the question 7, frankly I'm not sure Bethesda would have made a such pertinent series of criteria. :-)

EDIT: The survey was cool to answer… but yeah I also think it's fake, I suspect it's more an attempt to build a concrete arguing to defend against some negative hype attack. Why I think that? Because it's too late to take in account most elements covered by the survey. It's a reason to answer and throw in your old school or Hardcore preferences to weaken such questionable arguing base. Not answer will let the open road to lovers of the series which is not the best.
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