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October 12th, 2013, 12:16
Huuu why the hell any comment of some Bioware "crap" is generating so many reply? I just have too many arguing to reply to replies. I won't quote anybody on purpose and will just answer some points.

The demo was pure (wrong) calculation, I'll admit that. It's still not at all a showcase of the game. For the fights and some design changes yeah, it figures the changes but not really the result.

The lack of view from above:
  • It doesn't destroy the tactics it just make a tactical analyze more slow and more tricky.
  • It's fairly well replaced by using pause, selecting various characters and still during pause cam movements from various characters to get a better analyze.
  • Moreover the system introduce the positioning of a character for a better analysis. In some fight I definitely moved one or some characters to a place allowing a better overview of the situation.
  • Also DAO was far to be brilliant with its view from above, with cheating no fog management, by allowing attack through walls and some more crap.
  • Finally the technical cost reducing to avoid have a double texture design for close view and for above view is for me an excellent choice to put more in other stuff like more designed fights, or more developed other good RPG stuff. What's bad is it's just been cost reduction not invested anywhere because clearly DA2 was rushed and certainly hadn't even half of DAO budget probably quite lower.

The waves of reinforcement:
  • Firstly fk off with those obsessed with "realism", it's not gameplay.
  • The lack of reinforcements in many DAO fights was totally absurd from the "realism" point of view. Sot let put behind that realism point.
  • Secondly reinforcement in no way destroy tactical depth. It's an argument overused here but it's totally wrong. Space Hulk is based on reinforcement and that's purely a part of its tactical depth.

DA2 fixed many troubles in DAO fights design:
  • Huge tune down of weird MMO mechanism of tank, still here and important but requiring much more caution and much less basic mindless abuse.
  • Stop the potions abuse of DAO, with in DA2 an excellent cooldown management in fights, just that was a huge improvement including from a tactical depth point of view.
  • Better balance the classes, it's not very important in a single player party game but it's still a good point improved.
  • Ok I haven't played the series since a long time so right now I don't remember but the list of fights improvements in DA2 was very long.

About reuse of elements:
Most great games do that a lot, BG1 uses it a lot, and it must be done to reduce the cost and put it elsewhere. But for DA2 it's reuse badly done and not hidden a little. I mean it's not the reuse which is bad, what's bad is how the reused was rushed and badly hidden.

About DA2 badder because it was a followup:
  • I doubt DA2 would have been a good DA1, just too many rushed elements and weirdly rushed elements with no attempt to hide them at all. Just for that I agree the series was requiring a huge "smash in the face".
  • But I can play indie games so I can play a A game with some weird elements and overall it was, for me, quite good fun.
  • And I'm quite annoyed when too many players don't quote at all the improvements from DAO, I'm worry we will get back some DAO crap like the tedious camp design for companions and some crap element of fights.
  • No DAO was far to be a good model, from my point of view.
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