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October 12th, 2013, 13:03
I know I know my opinion on the game means nothing because I haven't really played it yet. But reference Diablo is bad, because it reminds me that this beginning of PS:T is showing one of the most crappy fights design that I ever played only beat by Arcanum.

And for both it's far to be a detail because it's a main part of the game from number of fights to number of skills and items just related to fights. I'm impressed that some players can suffer such tedious moments in a game but for me it's one more reason why I couldn't bear the beginning of this game (but at replay attempts the story telling in the morgue was always the reason to "enough I give up").

And don't underestimate the digging I could have done in the game in this game beginning, even that I found it a poor bad design with hidden stuff with zero hints, it's crap "secret" design. Well it's an ambiguous point because the hints quality is nothing objective.

EDIT: One very weird thing is I remember have first played it at release with a French version and I noticed this version seems have vanished and many players had guaranty me that it was released only in English and only a mod was adding a French version. Alas I just have the box and lost the CD.
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