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October 12th, 2013, 23:55
I'm playing the DA:O game again. And in this game, reinforcements also appear from the ground - out of nowhere. There also seems tbe a lot of (hidden) reused content, e.g. the Deep Roads. Some of the maps there seems to be like parts of Orzammar have been reused for some of maps of the Deep Roads. Deep Stalkers appear out of nowhere, from the ground.

And wave combat is also i the Deep Roads. Maybe it is a little more hidden than in DA2, but what else would you call to have to combat group # 1, then group # 2, and then group # 3. Such is if the combat often said up in the Deep Roads and some other places as well.

As for the demo, it is clear at least to me, that the first part of the demo/game was Varric telling the story to Cassanda; Varric being Varric he overdoes it, he exagerates what happened in the framed narrative. (which, btw, seemed a great idea at the time, but it wasn't exactly executed or designed very well). Once, you got through the demo/first part of the game, Varric is the (untrustworthy) narrator of much more toned down story.
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