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October 14th, 2013, 00:16
Why did it fail?

Well because most sw games kind of sucked.

All the sw fans I know loved x-wing series, jedi knight series and kotor series, but lucas arts just kept relasing crappy arcade sw games. And kotor was turned into risky MMO. People cried for sequel to Revan's storyline, but hell why bother listening to sw gamers. What do they know…

As hardcore and nerdy as we sw fans are, we aren't idiots. I love sw. Just put me in a jedi robe and hand me a lightsaber and I feel like a kid in candy store. However I can't stand crappy videogames

Make no mistake I admit enjoying some of their lighter arcade games like force unleased a bit, but the game could have been so much better if it had been more "realistic" and less flashy. SW is such a vast and rich universe, yet majority of the released sw games were quite shallow.

And acording to the article devs wanted to make those complex sw games, fans desired… The openworld rpg idea for example sounded awesome, but like many other sw projects it was cancelled..

Lucas arts had many other great franchises, but they stopped using them. Outlaws for example is considered a cult classic in fps genre, yet Lucas arts didn't bother making a sequel.

And lets not even talk about the wasted potential of adventure titles they had in their portfolio.
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