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October 15th, 2013, 20:55
the article indicates that George was often part of the problem, requiring changes in the game that set back development for months. At the same time he was a creative individual that could keeps the suits from releasing a dumb game.

But I think theiring lies the problem: it got too big. One game was ready to get hundreds of people on board to finish it? Does that even make sense?

They had the sequel to Sam and Max practically finished, a small game with not many numbers in comparison to anything Star Wars:* but who cares? Small just means profitable. That had to have been a political decision to hang on to resources and push others they didn't like out. ie. too big.

I mean, missing out on a remake of DotT? For me its a hard game to play but its one of the many successes of the early studio that George stressed: IP, IP, IP.
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