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October 16th, 2013, 05:33
Small Chronicles has come a long way from the prototyping and alpha days…

And now v1.01 beta is finally here! I hope you are as excited as I am while I highlight main additions and changes of this new beta update!

The New Goodie

Hmmm… did you notice that there is a "Lv. 1" at the end of the Volunteer's Guard's name?

Yup that's right! I have added the ability for items to grow alongside your characters! Just equip an item and it will gain experience and levels too!

A Volunteer's Guard at Lv. 2 gives +17 def!!

While getting and upgrading items in traditional RPGs involves going to a blacksmith, Small Chronicles goes about it differently.

Think of your equipment as being alive with souls in them. The more you fight alongside them, the stronger they will become

As mentioned in the previous post, you can now also see the amount of experience earned from defeating each monster!

The Changes

Remember that animation that plays at the start of each stage? It now plays faster so you can get to the gameplay even quicker!

This is actually more of fixing a loophole than a change. This particular stage had 4 tunnels positioned in a cross position. That meant that the monsters were entering and exiting from the tunnels forever.

If you played as the mage, you could potentially sit from a distance and fire away at will.

Bug Fixes

While not a critical bug, this could affect the shopping experience at the in-game store. If you had Kon at Lv. 5, he would be able to use the Might Ring (which requires Kon to be at Lv. 4).

While it didn't use to do so, this is now shown by the white colored label in the screenshot.

Yes the next update could be a bigger one than this!

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