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October 16th, 2013, 13:20
Really didn't plan to write about it, but the recent "mature sex in DA" craptalk from Bio's PR got on my nerves.

Pacific Rim

What is the movie about? Imagine it as Transformers vs Jurrassic Park. Mech lovers and Godzilla lovers unite.

The story is nothing original - the planet is about to be invaded by gigantic beasts and mechs controlled by pilots are trying to stop them, first by fighting then by attempting to close the transdimensional portal those beasts come from. Action, action and more action, if there's no fight between huge creatures/creations, actors fight among themselves and not just verbally. Eyecandy CGI, good and famous actors, no instadetected plotholes no obvious editing cuts. Plus a few hidden messages for those with crazy logic.

To clear up this last sentence, let's pretend (or not for some) you're living in USA. Your country is constantly "invaded" by "evil monsters" (from Mexico). What do you do? You make a wall. Does it help? No it doesn't. This movie criticises exactly that. Thus I bet it wasn't really popular in USA.

IMO the whole thing is 100 times better than Transformers movie (btw I adored cartoon series, but got disgusted with the movie about Megan Fox attributes so much that I've never seen it's sequels).
What you need to enjoy the movie immensly is your inner child - if you didn't kill it ages ago pretending it's useless or retarded to keep it.

And finally to the point from the starting of this post. Or should I say, to the director. Guillermo del Toro, praised by some (me included), hated by others.
Is this really *his* movie or stuff in it was dictated by producers? Oh, it's his movie. Definetly. There is something Del Toro does to the audience with everything he makes. What is it?
No romance. No sex. Yup.

This is a movie without yucktalk and without pr0n scenes. That's Del Toro. So different than upcoming DA3. And because I've enjoyed not just that, but the whole thing:
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