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October 16th, 2013, 15:39
I'm testing using a Galaxy Nexus which has a 4.65" - 1280x720 screen using Android 4.3 stock.

I haven't gotten far at all but here are my initial thoughts.

I may be missing something but it doesn't appear that I can get out of the opening room. It seems that I can go through the door but it also looks like I appear in the far side of the same room from the door. I looked at the map before and after the door and it seems like I'm stuck in the same room. I'm not sure if I need to equip a key to get out or even how to use the keys.

The HP and Mana text and number do not fit correctly on the bottom of my screen. Maybe put the text on the gauge instead of to the left of it?

While I like the ZzZzZz text for resting the snoring sound annoys me, I think mostly because I have to hear it multiple times to fill my HP back up.

No stats on armor or weapons so I have no idea what to equip unless I am missing an option to see them.

Again, this is about 30 minutes of testing and trying to get out of the opening room so I haven't seen much of the game yet.




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