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October 17th, 2013, 06:30


The story is mostly lame but here goes. There was an ancient artifact called the Dawn that was too powerful to totally destroy but was broken up into several fragment artifacts. Your avatar comes upon the story by accident. Your foster father is a military man and you follow in his footsteps. However, when he goes on a fact-finding mission to learn what is causing stress between the various races, he leaves you sleeping on the ship, perhaps with the help of a sleeping draught; who knows? You wake up to find he has too much of a head start, so you talk to the ship's guard who has you talk to the villagers to learn what you can.

NPC Interaction

You'll walk around town and quickly learn there are 3 merchant groups and then the general populace. You'll be able to get quests from several folks, so be sure to talk to everyone. There are several people who will not give you quests at first, but as you become more well known they'll trust you enough to ask for help. When I played the merchants all gave the same prices for everything, but that was supposed to be patched up so that the more you do for one group, the better the prices. No idea if that's been fixed.

More later if you're interested…I just realized it's past my bedtime
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