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October 17th, 2013, 08:04
Originally Posted by Drithius View Post
Broke the bank… again. I got tired of lagging in Fallout New Vegas with my irritatingly slow AMD Phenom II 965 chip and architecture.

So I decided to upgrade to an Intel i7 finally. And of course that entailed a new motherboard. Oh and some new memory. And of course a new 6gb/s SSD because my old 3gb/s drive simply couldn't do. Oh, and a new case. And a new power supply… and… and… and my wallet discovered I should have left well enough alone.
  • Intel i7 4770k
  • Corsair h100i cooler
  • Asus Maximus Hero motherboard
  • 16gb G.SKILL Ripjaws Z Series RAM (2133MHz)
  • Samsung 840 Pro 128gb for the OS, replacing Intel x-25m
  • Cooler Master HAF-X case
  • PC Power & Cooling 950W PSU <—- Only thing I don't feel guilty about blowing money on; my current psu is nearly 7 years old! Still going strong but starting to get nervous.

…It'll definitely feel nice to be bottlenecked by my video card again. The Phenom II has been a thorn in my side ever since I originally tried to save a few bucks and bought it in 2009.
I bought i7 in 2008 with 6gb memory, cooler master haf-x, 1000w psu, etc. Still runs everything without lag. The only thing I have changed is gpu. So if you buy quality it can last for looong time (and even longer if you buy it at the right time).

For me the only reason to buy new pc now is to save electricity (I get complaints abt that constantly) and to get steam games to our primary living room. Might have to wait for that steam box though to see if it could be an alternative. Windows 8 without native gamepad or kinect support is no good interface for living room tv.
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