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October 17th, 2013, 08:57
If you tweak view distances and object Loding excessively there might be some CPU dependency. Although in that case I suspect moving the game from an HD to an SSD might produce a much more pronounced difference anyways (Since the game streams objects textures etc much more often on heavily modified visuals).
(edit: Actually not just "might" as I have seen a very pronounced improvement when I moved the steam folder from my Raptor Raid 0 to a samsung 840 non Pro. I have a 256 840 Pro as main and a couple of 830s too on the system. Great gear )

That said, moving from an i7 960@4 GHZ to an i7 3770k @4,5 GHZ a few months ago, produced absolutely no visible difference to either of my heavily modified New Vegas or Fallout 3 installs…
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