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October 17th, 2013, 20:32
I put together my impressions in a German video, for the non german guys see the short key points below - or just ignore my post.

The Video can be found here

-voices can be annoying
-graphics are ok, but the performance is bad
-stopping during movement steps is annoying
-movement system and visuals don't go hand in hand
-fights become dull due to high mana costs, low mana pools and no regeneration, making it impossible to use abilities and damage spells in each fight
-ranged combat doesn't work well
-aggro system doesn't work well
-that diminishes identity from the otherwise nice classes
-dungeon design isn't good, riddles aren't good
-world is very small
-items variety is too small and finding items doesn't "feel good"
-there are a couple of bugs which should be easy to fix
-the mix of annoying movement, bad level design and bad combat mechanics don't end up in a good total result

Hope to see fixes and changes, mainly in mechanics like walking and combat though I doubt they will change much in terms of combat.
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