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October 18th, 2013, 14:17
It is officially supported as it comes as the default KB & M configuration.

Remapping of keys and finer control over the mouse speed wont make it for that game. It will provide a marginal betterment on the current situation.

Players willing to play the game with KB & B at any cost can buy the game right now. They will miss out nothing.

At this stage, either the additional M and KB features provide better comfort without the deep game redesign M & KB requires or it comes with the deep game redesign required.

Win/win situation, you wont miss out anyting by buying right now.

Problem for this game is not the quality of KB and M support (it is rough at the moment) It is a problem of game design that is totally wrapped around the use of a controller.

It is similar to a GTA game when ported from console to PC. Usually, Rockstar tried to tweak the game design to lessen the impact of M & KB. They never fully succeeded and GTA games remained games designed to be played with a controller.

For example, vehicles. Cars etc… Their gameplay is designed to be played with a controller. Steering a car with a KB & M is doable but so worse compared to what is felt with a controller.

State of decay shows the same weaknesses. Some cars are very light and with KB &M, they glide so easily until they are tossed upside down. Could post some pics of the funny places I lost cars.
Cars, at this stage of game design, are mostly used for transportation. The easy cope out when with KB & M is simply avoid taking the cars that are a pain to steer.
Not the end of the world. You miss on some models but you can use the others.
Another side of the problem is that you can use cars to run down zombies and they get damaged when used that way. When damaged, cars get more difficult to steer. And the difference between controller and KB &M shows.
Cars are also more or less noisy and an additional feature in gameplay might be that the use of certain cars to run silent (through modulation of speed) Again, that would put KB &M on the wrong side of the game design as controllers with their analogic stick afford quick control of speed.

Again, if the next patch provides finer mouse speed control and remapping of keys only, you wont miss anyting by buying right now.
If it provides the required redesign to make the most out of KB and M, you wont miss anyting either.

KB and M is not the problem. The problem is that ultimately the game might be played better using a controller.

Players who absolutely want to play their games with KB &M, even at the cost of a worse gameplay, can buy right now.
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