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October 18th, 2013, 17:35
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
That episode is very typical south park. Seems kind of odd to just like that one episode since it's not doing anything different than usual? You only like TV-shows if they're about RPG's or what? Just curious

The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring and Good times with weapons are much better episodes (usually ranked higher). I bet you will like them if you liked the WoW episode, and those two episodes has surely affected / inspired the game.
As luck would have it, those 3 episodes are the only I thought were decent in the last several years, as well. I wouldn't necessarily call it "typical" SP, though. It seems they get carried away too often anymore with ManBearPig-like stuff, when they could come up with clever content if they just dropped the shenanigan level a notch or two. Or maybe I'm just growing out of it?

If the game comes out with really decent player ratings, I may consider buying after the first price drop in a few months. But's that's really the only way I'd do it.
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