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October 18th, 2013, 19:16
Originally Posted by Sir_Brennus View Post
Why?He's right. And nearly everbody I know thinks this way…
With that avatar and that signature, you are even harder to take seriously.
Sorry, man, but to me, people with that complete anti-Steam ideology are just not really worthy of discussing with (hence I will stop after this post).
It's like discussing matters of animal rights with someone from PETA, or matters of religion with any kind of fanatical believer or atheist. The arguments are almost completely subjective, if they even make sense for someone who chose are more neutral approach, and fueled by pure irrationality.

Imagine you are a Vulcan pondering the next move in a board game, when suddenly some Klingon bursts in and wants to convince you, mouth foaming and wildly gesticulating, that the color of your space station is the worst there is and should be banned from Starfleet. That is more or less how I feel right now.

Steam isn't perfect (I prefer getting my games on GOG when I can), but it's far from being hate-worthy if what you care about is playing games and probably having some additional services around that. If really nearly everybody you know thinks your way (and I seriously doubt that, such claims are rarely true), you either do not know a lot of people, or have a nice circle of irrational anti-fanboys around you. As long as nobody gets seriously hurt, I don't care.
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