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October 19th, 2013, 11:51
I dont see why not.

The game design is very early though. The current situation is that playing with a controller gives access to the full gameplay while M &KB gives acess to, lets say, 70 per cent of it.

But the difference means nothing at the current stage of developpment. Once you play the game as it is, without imagining limitations or dangers that do not exist, the survival pressure nears zero.

Once the game is played for what it is, I can take a PC, select a backup or not, drive them in a car, park it anywhere near any place to loot, loot that place until loaded, move back to base. Zero pressure of losing a survivor.

The gain provided by a controller translates into nothing when it comes to survival because the gameplay is still far from that.

For example, when playing with a controller, handling easily seven or eight zombies without backup comes fast. With M &KB, the risk of being grappled and bitten is higher. But it does not matter much as you do not get contamined by being bitten. And second, if you take a backup, the difference will get even lower.

If the game design introduces contamination through bite, a meaningful difference in terms of efficiency will be introduced.

Playing with a KB & M comes with a number of restrictions over controller played games, but it is peanuts in terms of gameplay.
You lose nothing by avoiding driving sports cars as KB &M might lead to.

It might change in the future. Right now, while the differences exist, they do not matter. You know you are missing on the game but with no consequences in terms of results as long as you play the game with the limitations brought in by KB &M.

Gameplay is very early. In the current version, survival does not exist once you play the game as it is.
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