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October 19th, 2013, 20:28
I always have this problem. I remember it most vividly in MM6. You could pick up so many herbs throughout the land, and my inventory would eventually consist of almost all herbs and potion bottles, even though I never use them. My wife watched me play that some and eventually insisted that I stop being a hoarder. I enjoyed and finished FK, Rampant, and I think I rarely used expendable items, although I think I might have used the wand a little bit as you say. Your drama points feature was really innovative and kept the tension up much more than similar games (interestingly, the drama points were another type of expendable).

even worse than normal expendables are the things that improve one character stat permanently in a six character party game. I always agonize over who to give the item to and end up not using it at all.
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