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October 21st, 2013, 14:06
Originally Posted by Drithius View Post
Lotro has Store-buttons pinned to your interface in practically every menu you go into. I'd hardly call that one of the best F2P models. F2P should be transparent, not a constant in-your-face advertisement to bypass gameplay by purchasing unrestricted travel access, crafting ingredients, and character stat points.
I was bothered at first, but it was my very first exposure to F2P stuff. It's not that bad really. I haven't found an instance yet where I felt pressured into upgrading my character with money or using some other paid service.

Is the 100% XP bonus permanent nowadays? The description said something about weekends but it's still active for me. It really helps when soloing though. I grinded my way casually to level 20 over the weekend.




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