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October 21st, 2013, 22:18
10th of October: Optimization and "Thorwalisation" of the buildings has finally started. Opening Hours and Days for Markets and Traders are also underway, along with NPC Companions. Opponent Health Display in Battles and ingame changeable Characternames are already done

14th of October: 1.31 is going to be a monstrous Patch, we'll make a leap forward optically unlike anything in the past weeks. Companions, the dead ship, Trader-Opening Times and Marketdays and several bugfixes are also in place. There is also work doen on battle control convenience (like "repeat last action"). Currently we don't have a precise Patchday due to the amount of work to go, but we'll try to get it out "this week"

17th of October: New Content (as in 1.30) and some user-contributed dialogs (like an encounter with a barmaid or the participation in an Imman Game) are being implemented today, along with some magic fixes. Thorwalisation is almost completed, especially the reworked temples with their waving banners look quite nice .

21st of October: It remained with "trying", the changes to all Towns and Cities because of the reworked buildings are significantly more work on the placement than originally anticipated. We are currently aiming for Wednesday or Thursday for 1.31, but in exchange for the delay we are also able to put in more features and fixes, like more encounters in towns, eating (actually edible) Herbs directly, along with the battle features "delay action until end of round" (in contrast to the current "don't act at all"), "repeat last action", a configurable acceleration of battle animations and a first Version of the autobattle (for now without magicians using their spells).
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