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October 22nd, 2013, 15:30
Regarding the "need/greed" loot system…. This was the players solution to fair loot distribution which first arose in World of Warcraft. It wasn't officially supported by the game until it became so popular that blizzard added the GUI options for it. Prior to that people just said n or g then used the random number generator to /roll. To this day, when playing with my old wow buddies, I still say "N!!!" when good stuff drops. This is 100% a community collective idea.

Regarding a story with no conflict…. Can't wait to play "Mums holiday slideshow from Thailand".

Conflict is part of every story ever because that's the interesting point. And games do give you alignment/virtue options. Some conflicts you can solve with diplomacy, some with trickery, some with force… Games do this all the time!
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