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October 22nd, 2013, 16:13
Originally Posted by danutz_plusplus View Post
I'm also in that camp, but I've never managed to finish the original. I've tried playing it way too late in its life, and some of the issues just break immersion for me. It's a stealth title, but enemies seem to not see me even though I walk in clear light, at some considerable distance in front of them.

I'm sad that I wasn't able to play it back in the day. I might have been more forgiving on that issue. But Human Revolution was great. Great gameplay, cool artistict direction and just plain fun. Also, good story.
DE was a great game back in the day - but I find that if you do a point-by-point comparison of features and mechanics, DE:HR ends up the clear winner in almost every category.

This goes for hacking, stealth, shooting, NPC interaction, skill system and so on.

I consider level design something of a toss-up, because while DE had larger levels and felt somewhat more free - DE:HR levels have much more personality for the most part.

The boss battles in DE:HR were awful - but they're fixed now, and that was the big complaint most people seemed to have.

But I'm sure some of our resident DE fans will explain why it's the better game to them.





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