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October 23rd, 2013, 10:29
For years there has been debate amongst video game fans about dumbing down, about streamlining games, cutting out features, making them easier to play and less challenging. Players lament the over-simplification of titles like Mass Effect 3, or Skyrim, but the debate is usually hypothetical because we only know about games that exist. There is no complicated version of Skyrim for comparison, ditto for the Mass Effect series.
By the same, since there is no complicated version of Skyrim, how do you say that the current version of Skyrim is streamlined?

Always very hard to understand what that dumbing down of a game refers to. Apparently though, players seem to like to think that running numbers in a non mattering way is smart.

Skyrim developpers reported a definition problem: the overnumerous attributes of a character got diluted by their numbers to eventually mean little.
So why bother with figures when you know they are going to mean little?
They came with a smaller number of attributes, with the goal of bringing definition to characters.
The issue they ran accross: their way came with a hard cap on levelling up.
Players do not like that because players, when they play those kind of games, want to feel powerful, they want to be able to be almighty.

Now, what is the relative definition of a character that is maxed in magic, stealth, one handed weapons combat, two handed weapons combat, locksmith, trade etc over a character that is maxed in magic, stealth, one handed weapons combat, two handed weapons combat, locksmith, trade? None.

It is then very hard to judge of the success of the endeavour because players reject the principle of it.

Players do not want to play characters that are specialized in smithing, or stealth etc Players want to play characters that excel in anything, players want to dominate, they want to be almighty.

So basically, when the previous lack of definition was the result of a faulty game design, when developpers tried to fix it, it was revealed or confirmed that players simply do not care about lack of definition between characters: all they want is their hunger for power to be satisfied.

How is that streamlining or dumbing down?
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