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October 23rd, 2013, 12:25
Streamlining doesn't have to be a problem if it doesn't hurt the impact of choice. Problem with most modern streamlining is that choice ends up being irrelevant - and you'll succeed no matter what you invest in.

That's how you upset players who enjoy investing themselves and making clever decisions.

Challenge has become about grinding and about punishing players no matter how smart they are. If you play games today on harder difficulties - you're not rewarded for making smart choices - you're simply faced with longer fights or "tougher" fights - but your development choices still don't matter in terms of making it easier.

In my opinion, challenge should be about skill - and I think if you're a smart player you should be having an easier time. For non RPGs - the skillset isn't necessarily about being smart - but about being adept at whatever the game demands of you.

Essentially, I don't like the modern version of challenge in most cases.




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