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October 23rd, 2013, 16:11
Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
So Galaad, is it worth getting for the improvements? I almost never replay a game, but I finished the original on both normal and hard, though I have never tackled impossible. Hard was a way longer game than normal. Just curious if the new pirate subplot is it worth it? I heard you play it after the end of the main campaign or something? that doesn't make any sense. If you could minimize the spoilers but still give a sense, that would be great. Thanks.
My impression so far is that you can play the pirate subplot at any point - either after or during the dominators plots. But I've not pursued it yet. Even without specifically pursuing the pirate plot as such, there are changes to pirates that affect the game - they're more fully fleshed out as a faction now, and can take control of systems etc.
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